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Dive into the world of alternate history and explore intriguing scenarios that could have changed the course of our past. Discover thought-provoking ideas and narratives that will challenge your perception of history.
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Awhile ago, we told you about 10 Devastating Nuclear Events and Accidents. Included was the story of Stanislav Petrov, the man who single-handedly saved humanity from nuclear annihilation on September 26, 1983. In a very short time frame, the fate of the world was saved by Petrov’s quick thinking. History is littered with these singular world-changing events. American history is no different, and there are many incidents that could have drastically changed, or even destroyed, America…

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Sorry for not posting a Map Monday last week. I just didn't have anything interesting say about the maps I shared on social media. Thankfully that hasn't been the case over the last few days and now we have something we can really sink our teeth into: This is "What Remains, Part 2: 1961 A.D." by Zek Sora and it is a sequel of another map he did, which in turn was inspired by a mod for Victoria 2 where you can cause a zombie outbreak (O zombies. Alternate historians love you as much as they…

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Description The Second American Civil War, or Second War Between the States, would come to be the bloodiest conflict to ever ravage the New World. The video that corresponds with the scenario is finally here: The outbreak of the war could not be easily traced to a specific date as militia activity and mob lynchings scathed the country months before actual military fighting started. In summary partisan violence due to the coming 2024 Presidential elections which would…