Anastasia romanov

Uncover the fascinating story of Anastasia Romanov, the Russian princess surrounded by mystery. Learn about her life, the myths that surround her, and the truth behind her tragic fate.
The Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I, Elizabeth Woodville, Isabella Of Castile, Anastasia Romanov, Cleopatra, Queen Of England, Alexander The Great, Queen Isabella

Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by historical facts and archaeology. I think humans perceive the past as a series of events; something like a movie that we can’t really feel or touch. I believe the things that bring us closer to the past are those that truly humanize us - the bodies from Pompeii, the perfectly preserved Inca mummies, the personal objects of long-gone historical figures, and more.

Evelyn Van Esch