Ankle injuries

Learn how to prevent and treat ankle injuries with these effective strategies. Discover exercises, tips, and treatments to keep your ankles strong and pain-free.
How Long Does a Sprained Ankle Take to Heal?

The ankle is an important weight-bearing joint of the body, as it supports your full body weight and is instrumental in standing both while stationary and during movement. A sprain occurs when the ligaments surrounding the joint are stretched beyond normal ranges or tear. See your doctor immediately if you suspect a ...

Franceska Ditha
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Hello there! As I prepared for my own surgery this past week, I found it helpful to read blogs others had written about their own experiences. I figured I would pay it forward by recording my own, and hoping that it will help others who are experiencing similar foot and ankle problems. I am a 34 year old music teacher in rural PA. Last fall, I began experiencing dull aches and pains in my right foot- something not completely out of the ordinary, as I have had completely flat feet my entire…

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Because an ankle sprain is such a common injury, many individuals simply ice it and limp around until they feel ready to resume their favorite hobbies. According to a study published in 2019, almost 2 million acute ankle sprains occur in the United States each year, making it one of the most prevalent musculoskeletal ailments. It is critical to take an active part in your rehabilitation to avoid this sort of damage or lingering discomfort becoming permanent.