Aquarium garden

Transform your space into a tranquil sanctuary with an aquarium garden. Explore top ideas to incorporate aquatic plants and mesmerizing fish into your garden for a soothing and captivating atmosphere.
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Aquariums are like tiny little windows to the wonders of the ocean. Yeah, sure, you might not get to keep those deep ocean fishes that look like they’re straight from a horror movie, but, after all, having an aquarium isn’t about that - it’s about befriending tiny little colorful fishes, creating the most wondrous environment for them, and most importantly, relaxing while watching them go about their business in your well-maintained fish tank.

Daisy Garcia
A 160x60x60cm community aquarium with indoor plants. Golden pothos (Epipremnum pinnatum) on the right side, two Echinodorus grandiflorus in the middle, climbing fig at the back on the left side Indoor Vine Plants, Indoor Vines, Aquarium Garden, Indoor Water Garden, Epipremnum Pinnatum, Aquarium Landscape, Nature Aquarium, Golden Pothos, Aquascape Aquarium

Ecology of the Planted Aquarium written by Diana Walstad is one of the books which inspired me most for low-tech natural aquariums. Diana Walstad explains why emergent plants are better water purifiers than the submerged water plants as follows (in … Continue reading →

Peter Iverson
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Written By: Chris (@shrimpery) If you're like most aquarium hobbyists, you probably grew up with a childhood aquarium that had a standard river gravel substrate. I personally never really thought about other types of substrate in the aquarium until I got into the planted side of things when I first learned about aquasoils and aquarium sand. Since then, I’ve made many mistakes in terms of aquarium substrate selection and layout. Here are some tips that will help you avoid making the same…

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