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Discover a variety of creative and engaging art curriculum ideas to inspire your students. Explore different techniques, mediums, and projects that will ignite their passion for art.
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Here is the Elementary Art Curriculum Map that all K-4 art teachers in Chelmsford follow. You can click on the picture for an enlarged view National Visual Art Standards BY grade 4 1.1 Use a variety of materials and media, for example, crayons, chalk, paint, clay, various kinds of papers, textiles, and yarns, and understand how to use them to produce different visual effects 1.2 Create artwork in a variety of two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) media, for example: 2D – drawing…

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You might be asking, What are the 7 Elements of Art and How Do I Teach Them? The Elements 7 Elements of Art are: Line, Value, Color, Space, Shape, Form, and Texture and they are the foundations or building blocks that artists use to make art. Let's dive in and learn about the 7 Elements of Art, Which You Should Teach First, and How to Teach them.

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