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Discover a collection of exquisite handmade art dolls created by talented artists. Explore the world of art dolls and find the perfect addition to your collection or a unique gift for someone special.
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Hi everyone, my name is Elena and I'm posting on behalf of my sister Helena, who is an artist. She has been creating dolls for the past 16 years or so. All of her dolls are handmade and one-of-a-kind. She does everything herself, from the hair itself to creating a hairstyle, shoes, and even dresses. Helena also makes the sculpture itself, so every face she carves out is unique.

Elizabeth McGraw
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So now that I've caught your attention with that snappy title, I'll have to admit that this post is about how to turn tiny fingers for cloth dolls and not something more salacious. I've had quite a few folks ask how to make such small fingers and as with many projects the trick is to have the right tools. Here are mine.. Sharp scissors Turning Tubes (available here scroll almost to the bottom of the page) Hemostat Fray check As you can see my turning tubes have seen some heavy use over the…

Trish Howes
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A hairstyle, that your doll wears, is such an important element shaping the whole character of a doll. It’s even more fun if you could change the hair depending on the doll’s costume or your mood! In either case, the big questions remain. How to attach doll hair? And how to make a wig for a doll? So now I’ll take you through the steps of making this fancy looking but rather simple wig.

Tracey Tomlinson
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Yesterday Doll is inspired by Santos cage dolls and created by Julie Hirota. Each Yesterday Doll is handmade, one of a kind, created from paperclay, mixed media, fiber and wood. Each doll is carefully painted and named to resemble her personality.