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THOR: Jonathan Harb – VFX Supervisor & Founder – Whiskytree Thor, Marvel, Steampunk, Stargate Atlantis, Odin, Asgard Marvel, Apocalypse, Loki And Sigyn, Fantasy World

Jonathan Harb began his career as a production assistant in the art department at ILM in 1996, he later became concept artist, matte painter, supervisor of the matte painting department and VFX supervisor. At ILM, he worked on such films as MEN IN BLACK I and II, the new STAR WARS trilogy, THE PERFECT STORM, or I.A. In 2007, he founded Whiskytree and oversaw the effects of movies like TERMINATOR SALVATION or TRON LEGACY. In the following interview, he talks about his work on THOR.

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A few years aga, I had the amazing opportunity to work on Thor 3 at Framestore. During this time, I worked with so many awesome artists and it was a really great experience. My contribution to this movie is not that big but I had the chance to work on some of the Asgard's buildings, make some retopology, UV fixing and stuff like that. There are so many buildings in this shot that I don't know how to show you wich one I've worked on but they are there !

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