Improve student learning with effective assessment strategies. Explore different assessment methods and techniques to ensure meaningful evaluation and promote academic growth.
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Whether they're completed on a piece of paper, a tablet, or a whiteboard, exit tickets are a powerful tool to use in your classroom. Exit tickets are formative assessments that provide a quick snapshot about your students' learning and understanding of a topic faster than any other tool in the classroom.

Jennifer James
Marzano Kid-Friendly Scales! Your choice of 4-point or 5-point scale (Both Included!! - Just print the one you want to use). Also includes individual Student Scales!!! Rating Scale, Visible Learning, Behavior Clip Charts, Learning Targets, Clip Chart, Authors Purpose, Instructional Strategies, Flipped Classroom, Learning Goals

I've just uploaded a new kit to Teachers Pay Teachers. Marzano {Kid-Friendly} Rating Scales. This bright 14-page kit includes 2 separate sets of scales to display in your classroom. One set has a four-point scale (4, 3, 2, and 1). The second set has a five-point scale (4, 3, 2, 1, and 0). Choose the set that fits the requirements of your school or the needs of your class. You can display the scale on your wall, bulletin board, whiteboard, etc. I post mine right on my whiteboard because we…

Rebeca Radzinski

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