Astral sea

Embark on a journey to the Astral Sea and uncover its hidden wonders. Discover breathtaking landscapes, mythical creatures, and ancient secrets in this ethereal realm.
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This section is under development. We are currently working on the summary section. Please be patient. Astral Plane it's a plane in between the worlds. It starts outside of the protective sphere, surrounding a world. “A trip to the astral plane is like a sea voyage during the era of exploration. Few people successfully found new continents, returning with gold. Most just ended up as skeletons buried deep under the sea.…” Spatial interferences can be naturally or artificially generated. It's…

DG Master Andrew
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More Dungeons and Dragons Stuff! Here are a couple of interior paintings and the cover from: "The Plane Above-Secrets of the Astral Sea" There a couple of images here that were inspired by some classic paintings. My good friend Jeff Menges is doing a seminar on the influence of Golden Age illustrators on contemporary artists and it reminded me of these, so.... Enjoy- WOC "Pirates of the Astral Sea" (Cover) 12"x16" digital ©Wizards of the Coast NC Wyeth "Battle in the Astral Sea" 12"x14"…