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Here's how to treat athlete's foot at home and prevent it from happening again

Athlete’s foot is the common name for a fungal infection that can form between toes and leave your feet dry, itchy, scaly, cracked, and red. Athlete’s foot is very contagious. The infection usually starts in moist, damp environments, such as public showers, swimming pools, or locker rooms. Once you’ve acquired athlete’s foot, it can be...

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How to Know if You Have Athlete's Foot: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

Athlete's foot, also known as tinea pedis, is a common fungal infection — especially among athletes or people who shower often in bare feet. Direct exposure to fungus or mold while bathing (particularly in high risk places such as public...

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I thought I had athlete's foot - but it turned out to be eczema. Here is what I did. Essential Oils For Athletes Foot, Athletes Foot Remedy, Diy Foot Soak, Tinea Pedis, Athletes Foot, Action Words, Homemade Beauty, Guy Stuff, Fungal Infection

Athlete's Foot or Eczema?

A couple weeks ago my feet started itching, specifically around both my big toes and the toe next to them. It was pretty bad.Very uncomfortable. My first guess was that it was athlete's foot. I have never had that before but my brothers have, growing up, so I knew it was extremely irritating and caused intense itching. I usually try the natural route first, so I went and religiously put on some neutralizer gel with some essential oils (I used tea tree oil). It helped a LITTLE bit, for a…

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