Bajan macaroni pie

Discover mouthwatering recipes for Bajan macaroni pie that will satisfy your cravings. Try these authentic dishes and bring the flavors of Barbados to your kitchen.
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The Best Bajan Macaroni Pie Recipe!

Christmas in Barbados is all about the two big f’s! Food & Family ! Every year, my family, like many other on the island gather around to enjoy each others company and eat and drink to their hearts content! One of the most important dishes to any Christmas lunch is a good macaroni pie! A bajan macaroni pie really isn’t like anything you’ll find in a oversees! Check out the recipe my family uses below! Let me know in the comments down below if you use it!Ingredients- 8 oz macaroni -the best…

Beverley Prescod
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Bajan Macaroni Pie Recipe from Barbados Recipe without Eggs - NomList

I just love this recipe, its the ultimate comfort food. It's a Bajan version of macaroni and cheese and you'll find it in all Barbados homes. It's traditionally made with straight macaroni but since I'm under quarantine at the moment, I just used the really macaroni that I had in the pantry.

Ciara Smith