Baking soda for underarms

Discover how baking soda can be a game-changer for your underarms. Learn how to use baking soda to naturally eliminate odor and keep your underarms fresh all day long.
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Our armpits can hold a lot of junk in them, especially if you use a conventional deodorant, and sometimes this causes bad odor. This simple armpit detox will clear out your armpits. It's ideal for those switching from regular to natural deodorants or for those using natural deodorants without success.

Joanne Meadows
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Want to get rid of dark underarms or dark armpits? Here are some natural remedies you can try out at home. Wearing of dark-colored clothes, hair removal creams, excessive usage of deodorants or perfumes all cause dark underarms.

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A dark underarm is not good to go with all kinds of outfits especially those flowy thin strip dresses. It's like wearing an opulent Cinderella dress with a large black spot in the middle of the dress. Isn't? Did you know the reasons for a dark underarm? Sometimes it's because of a skin condition called