Balloon powered car

Take your imagination for a ride with these fun and exciting balloon powered car ideas. Discover how to create your own car and race against your friends for hours of entertainment.
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In this activity , students will make a car powered by the elastic energy of a balloon. This car converts potential energy into kinetic energy, unlike your family car which converts chemical energy into kinetic energy Balloons are elastic and store potential energy when they are filled with air. When the air is released, the potential […]

Erin Piazza
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It's so easy to make a balloon car that really moves! This simple STEM project teaches kids about physics in a fun and interactive way. See concepts like kinetic energy and Newton's laws of motion in action! (Read more on those below.) Use simple materials, like a water bottle and bottle caps, to create a balloon powered car that moves on its own! It's SO FUN to race the cars and to see how far they'll go! This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may…

Amy Walsdorf