Barber shop quartet

Experience the harmonious melodies and nostalgic charm of a barber shop quartet. Discover top performances that will transport you back in time and leave you wanting more.
- The chorus of Flowers would be replaced by a Barbershop Quartet ( still in flower costumes ) The Simpsons, Beatles, Favorite Tv Shows, The Simpsons Season 5, The Simpsons Show, Simpsons Episodes, Troy Mcclure, Homer, Quartet

“I'm telling you it's mighty niceEach trip's a trip to paradiseWith my baby on board!” ―The Be Sharps Homer's Barbershop Quartet is the first episode of Season 5 (originally intended to be an episode for Season 4). While at a swap meet, Bart finds an album cover with Homer's face on it. While driving home (and a little bit after that), Homer tells the story of how he, Apu, Principal Skinner, and Chief Wiggum (later replaced by Barney) became a Beatles-esque sensation in the mid-1980s. During…