Basement window well

Transform your basement with creative window well ideas. Enhance natural light, ventilation, and safety while adding a stylish touch to your space.
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Since we’re in the middle of winter up here in NW Wisconsin, buried under feet of snow and ice, I thought it’d be a perfect time to show an outside garden project… I’m craving a little green so much right now, even a window well project sounds fun! Spring will come and lawn and outside […]

Kylen Hogan
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A window well is an excavation in a semi-circular shape surrounding a basement window. Typically, a window well is constructed from a solid barrier. The barrier is usually made of plastic, steel, fiberglass, and concrete, even though less common materials are used. If you want to install a window well right now, here are some pictures of them that might inspire you.

8 Easy To Make DIY Window Well Cover Ideas Windows, Ideas, Basement Windows, Egress Window Well Covers, Egress Window Cover, Egress Window Well, Basement Window Well Covers, Egress Window, Basement Window Well

Making a DIY window well cover is not just about adding an aesthetic touch to your home; it's also about ensuring safety and enhancing functionality. With these 8 easy DIY window well cover ideas and guidance, making your own window well covers can be an interesting project that saves time, effort, and money. Window wells play a crucial role in bringing light into your basement while offering an escape route during emergencies. Yet, keeping them clean and maintained can be a challenge. This…

Karissa Chapman