Bathtub storage

Maximize the space in your bathroom with these creative bathtub storage ideas. Declutter and organize your bathroom essentials for a clean and organized space.
These Top 10 ideas are for those who want to use every possible bit of space. It doesn't matter if you have big or small one because we've compiled a ton of great  bathroom organization ideas for every kind of bathroom! #Bathroom #Organizing Small Bathroom Storage, Bath Remodel, Bathroom Remodel Idea, Bathroom Remodel Shower, Small Bathroom Diy, Shower Remodel, Bathroom Makeover, Shower Storage, Bathroom Renovation

It is time for a solution to one of the most common problem, the bathroom organization! Everyone needs better bathroom organization! This is one of the busiest and smallest rooms in the house, but at the same time it is the space that every person that comes into your house goes…

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A limited space can no longer keep you from enjoying a cozy bath at home. Here are ten bathtub designs that can fit right into small spaces. Bathtub With Storage Around I love how this bathtub space is optimized for storage. There’s good space for shampoo, towels, and even a few books to keep you […]

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