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Explore the iconic moments and hidden gems from The Beatles' legendary Abbey Road album. Discover the stories behind the songs and immerse yourself in the timeless music of the Fab Four.
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On August 8 1969, The Beatles were on a photoshoot for their eleventh studio album, Abbey Road. The album’s cover remains as recognisable as the music it holds. Photographer Iain Macmillan (20 October 1938 – 8 May 2006) had only a few minutes to get George, Paul, Ringo and John into position. There have … Continue reading "The Beatles Abbey Road Photoshoot – August 8 1969"

Pirjo Murphy
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The very first time I visited London was in the summer of 1982, and the first Beatles location I went to visit, was the famous zebra crossing near Abbey Road studios. It has been an obsession of mine to collect as many photos as I can from this photo session, and I have assembled them all here. The cover designer of the Abbey Road album was Apple Records' creative director John Kosh, 22. The cover photograph was taken by photographer Iain Macmillan, at John Lennon's suggestion. Macmillan was…

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