Bendy dolls tutorial

Learn how to make bendy dolls with this easy-to-follow tutorial. Get inspired and start crafting your own collection of bendy dolls today!
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Dollmaking is one of life's innocent joys. As the doll takes shape within your hands, there is no room in your mind for negative thoughts. Time slows down; the focus is on the creative magic taking place before you. Whether you are crocheting, sewing, knitting, sculpting, or simply wrapping wire with floss, the doll is taking shape before your eyes, with a piece of your soul wound around it. These dolls are derived and inspired by a series of YouTube tutorials by Emilie Lefler. She has 60…

Cindy Lanier
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Pipe cleaners and yarn for the body and a wooden ball for the head. Fabrics, buttons and some decorative stuff to give the doll clothes and accessories. Glue, scissors, needle and thread comes in handy. Start with some inspiration by looking at materials. Attach the head and shape the pipe cleaners like this. Fold the pipe cleaners into arms and legs. Tie the yarn to the pipe cleaners. Spin the yarn around the pipe cleaners. Make shapes with the yarn. Leave out the feet and hands! Otherwise…

Sally Brodie
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These no-sew, easy-to-make dolls can be made into jewelry as pins, necklaces, or hair ornaments by gluing the dolls to jewelry findings, combs, headbands, etc. Attached them to sweatshirts, sneakers, or pocketbooks. Use them as Christmas ornaments or on plant pokes. Use them to decorate gift boxes. The possibilities are endless! They also make great crafts projects for the female tweens and teens in your family. Materials: 12” lt. pink chenille stem 18mm painted wooden bead head flesh and…

Anouk van Eeuwijk