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Smart Fortwo 2024

The 2024 Smart Fortwo is a compact city car produced by Smart, a division of Mercedes-Benz. The 2024 Smart Fortwo is available in different variants, including a coupe and a convertible known as the Fortwo Cabrio.

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2023 Smart #1 electric SUV

The Smart brand is back with the Smart #1 electric SUV. Created in a joint venture between Mercedes-Benz and Geely, the Smart #1 boasts 440km WLTP-based range on a single charge. Get all the details on WhichCar.

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French fashion house Hermès have teamed up with car distributor Como to design the interior of ten Smart cars. The ten cars have been produced in ten colours, upholstered using materials and techniques usually found in Hermès' travel accessories. See a helicopter customised by Hermès in our previous story. The following is from Como/smart: --

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Mercedes and Geely Unveil the Smart Concept #1 - Core77 Electric, Mercedes Benz, Munich, Compact Cars, Smart Car, Electric Crossover, Sell Car, Smart, Joint Venture

Mercedes-Benz and Geely are two unlikely automotive parents, but their child, Smart, has turned out surprisingly well. There's a lot that could've gone wrong here, aesthetically speaking, but somehow these two brands have collaborated on a design for the Smart Concept #1 that is inoffensive and clean, and that

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