Best doctored cake mix recipe

Elevate your baking game with these mouthwatering doctored cake mix recipes. Discover the best tips and tricks to create irresistible cakes that will leave everyone asking for seconds.
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Doctored Cake Mix Recipes - Sugared Productions Blog

Hi sugar friends! Today let’s talk about a sometimes controversial topic: doctored cake mixes. There is quite a debate about this in the cake decorating world. Some folks feel that using box mixes is not real baking nor are they real cakes. Well, as a big boxed mix gal myself, I wholeheartedly disagree. A good box mix cake is just […]

Kim Takemoto
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The Most Delicious White Cake from a Box (Doctored Cake Mix)

Whether you're making a wedding cake, a birthday cake, or simple cupcakes, this delicious white cake recipe is going to be memorable for your family, friends, and party guests. This is my go-to recipe, the one I use most often. I can't even imagine pulling off a wedding cake project without this one in my arsenal!

Richelle Valdez
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The BEST Cupcake Hack Recipe (using a mix)

The Perfect Cupcake Recipe using a mix. This is my all time favorite, go to “recipe” for cupcakes. You can use this cupcake hack to doctor a box cake mix to taste like homemade every time!

Becky Caudle