Best food for runners

Discover the top food choices that can boost your running performance. Find out the best fuel for runners and enhance your endurance and recovery with these nutritious options.
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Ok, let's be real - you like food, right? Because I like food. A lot. I also like running. And I like running much better when my body feels good. You too? Great, we're on the same page. Clean eating is not a fad diet. The principles behind clean eating align incredibly well with how runners should eat anyway. So here is the BEST clean food for runners so you have energy and can train right (and perform your best!) Find out exactly what clean eating is, why runners like eating clean, and get…

Brandi Hilson
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Confession: I grew up in a house filled with carbs. Unhealthy carbs. I didn't even know what runners food was until I researched it while training for my first 5K. Runners food seemed like this mystical thing that only marathoners needed to know about. I can totally eat this cupcake before a run, right?! It has sugar. And sugar makes me energetic...which means it's fuel....right?! Wrong. Very wrong, self. Luckily, I learned that runners food isn't complicated. In fact, it's based on basic…