Better than yesterday

Discover strategies and tips to improve yourself and become better than yesterday. Take action now and start your journey towards personal growth and success. WHAT DO YOU MEME? Better Than Yesterday - A Mindfulness Game and Case Kenny, Creator of The New Mindset Movement : Toys & Games Mindfulness, Toys, Mental Health And Wellbeing, Good Mental Health, Therapy Games, Self Help, Emotional Wellbeing, Better Than Yesterday, Mindfulness Therapy

Extraordinary: Break out of the mundane with Better Than Yesterday, the 365 day personal growth challenge. Look at You Grow: This self help game is designed to help you lead a more positive life and make every day more exciting than the last! What's Inside: 365 daily challenge cards and instructions On and Up: Just pull a card and do the challenge. You're on your way to a new and improved you. Brought to you by What Do You Meme? in collaboration with Case Kenny, creator of the "New Mindset"…

Alexis M Romo