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Explore a collection of adorable Bitty Baby dolls that are perfect for little ones. Find the perfect companion for your child and let their imagination soar with endless playtime possibilities.
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This weekend I made diapers for my little girl's doll. I probably made more than she needs, but it was so much fun to watch her face light up as I got each one of them finished! I designed the pattern to fit her Bitty Baby Doll. But, I also realize that some of you may have a different size doll.... So, I made the waistband adjustable. It may not fit all of your dolls and stuffed animals, but this will make it more likely to. I wanted it to be a nice and tight fit so that we could fit the…

Mary Beth Westcott
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Even thought my kids are all teens now, doll clothes are still some of my favorite things to sew and I do so whenever I have the chance! While it’s super easy to find plenty of patterns for 18” dolls like American Girl (I even sell a few in my own shop !), I’ve realized it’s much harder to find clo

Nikki Schreiner || Pin Cut Sew Studio
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