Blue Rider

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Blue Rider art. Discover the vibrant colors, dynamic compositions, and powerful emotions that define this influential art movement.
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Collection | Milwaukee Art Museum

With a history dating back to 1888, the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Collection includes over 31,000 works from antiquity to the present, encompassing painting, drawing, sculpture, decorative arts, prints, video art and installations, and textiles. The Museum’s collections of American decorative arts, German Expressionist prints and paintings, folk and Haitian art, and American art after 1960 are among the nation’s finest.

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An Introduction to German Artist August Macke

August Macke was a German artist known for his distinct style and contributions to the Expressionist movement. Born in 1887, he attended the Royal Academy of Art in Düsseldorf before leaving to pursue more experimental styles. In 1910, Macke's paintings began to show signs of innovation as he became involved in the Expressionist movement. Macke's work captured emotion and spirituality rather than realistic detail. Macke was killed at the age of 27 during the early months of World War I.

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