Boiled rice recipes

Discover a variety of delicious boiled rice recipes to elevate your meals. From traditional dishes to creative twists, find the perfect recipe to satisfy your cravings.
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Recipe video above. The most common mistake people make when cooking rice is using too much water which makes rice gummy and gluey, especially if you also rinse the rice and make it waterlogged. Using a rice to water ratio of 1 to 1.5, you will be able to make perfectly fluffy basmati rice without fussing with rinsing or draining giant pots of boiling water. Simple, and highly effective! {Scale recipe - click on servings and slide, but read Note 2}

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This butter rice recipe is a quick and easy to take your boring white rice game to another level! With only a few extra ingredients like garlic powder and stock and 30 seconds more you can be eating buttery seasoned rice instead of plain ordinary boiled white rice. Butter rice is the best side dish for an easy weeknight dinner.

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This boiled chicken and rice recipe is the ultimate easy, healthy meal. With a handful of basic ingredients, you can serve up a family-sized portion of homemade chicken broth, shredded chicken, perfectly cooked rice, and tender veggies. The whole process is so simple, and yet the results are wonderfully comforting and delicious!

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