Bonfire party ideas backyard winter

Host a cozy bonfire party in your backyard this winter. Get inspired with these ideas to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests.
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Bonfire Birthday Party Ideas for Food, Decorations and Fun

These ideas for a bonfire birthday party will have your guests feeling like they're in the great outdoors even though they're just in the backyard!

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Pizza, Plaid + Pinot — Morgan Matkovic

Yesterday I turned thirty-three. And we threw a good old-fashion pizza party- made a little more adult paired with lots and lots of pinot. And because I'm a sucker for fall fire pits and flannels, we all donned our favorite plaids. Schedule

Tricia Melat
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Beach Bonfire • Partytrick

Collect some firewood, snag a few cozy blankets, and head to the beach with your friends for a casual evening full of roasted eats, lively games, and memories waiting to be made. Great for just because or to celebrate a birthday. If you're landlocked, this gathering works in the mountains, at a lake, or the park, too!

Moira Pastre
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Autumn Daybook for Harvest Moon! [look. listen. make. do.]

Welcome, Autumn! Let's celebrate with a few ordinary acts of paying attention to the ways earth's crammed with heaven in this season. Here's some suggestions to get you started this week, beginning with the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Sunday (9/27) night. ..... Look Under the Harvest Moon John Atkinson Grimshaw, 1872 source 11 Mesmerising Photos of the Harvest Supermoon above Britain Rare Super Blood Moon: How To See It (great photo from National Geographic) ..... Read The moon now rises to her…

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