Bonsai techniques

Enhance your bonsai skills with these expert techniques. Learn how to prune, shape, and care for your bonsai tree to create stunning masterpieces that will impress everyone.
Bonsai styles and different shapes. From Chokkan to Bunjing explained.

Bonsai artists sometimes create or emphasize the appearance of dead wood on a bonsai tree, reflecting the occasional presence of dead branches or snags on full-sized trees. Two specific styles of deadwood are jin and shari. The presence of deadwood is not as common as most of the other points mentioned here, but can be used very effectively on selected tree species and bonsai styles. See deadwood techniques for more details. Jin Seal is basically lime sulfur that provides an excellent…

Linda Bracken Becker
Growing a Mini Bonsai Tree

The five best tree types for growing mini bonsai trees include Ficus, Juniper, Japanese Maple, Chinese Elm, and Boxwood. These species have small leaves, compact growth habits, and respond well to bonsai techniques. What specific care requirements do these tree types have for mini bonsai cultivation? How do their growth characteristics influence their suitability for miniature bonsai?