Bookbinding tutorial

Learn how to create beautiful handmade books with this step-by-step bookbinding tutorial. Discover essential techniques and tools to unleash your creativity and start making your own unique books today.
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I have finally completed my tutorial for the making of my Mandala Journal. I tried to keep it to three parts, but, well... you can skip certain parts if you aren't wanting to experience things like paper maché! I think I'll let the videos do the teaching, and wait for questions to come in - then, as they do, I will update this post and address them rather than try to guess at what I've left out - because I'm sure I've left some stuff out!! Part I goes over applying joint compound, or wall…

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I've been calling my tutorials "bookbinding 101" so I really should have done this particular tutorial first. I spend a substantial amount of time worrying about paper grain direction when I'm making my books. So, as far as I know, all machine-made papers have a grain direction. This applies to standard printer paper, cardstock, drawing paper, watercolour paper, etc, as well as binder's board or other boards. Basically every paper material that we use for making books – except handmade…

Charlie Owen