Bore hole

Discover innovative and efficient ideas to create water wells with bore holes. Learn how to maximize water extraction and ensure a sustainable water supply for your needs.
Irwin Tools 42412 3/4-Inch Short Ship Auger Bits Auger Bits, Wood Drill Bits, Straight As, Bore Hole, Nails May, Heat Treating, Green Wood, Drill Bit, Drill Bits

IRWIN WeldTec Auger Wood Drill Bit 3/4" X 7.5" (1779341)

Single cutter and side lip is designed to bore holes in wood where nails may be encountered. Cuts through nails without damaging the bit Hollow center flute clears chips quickly out of the hole. Ideal for applications where chip clogging can be a problem such as with green wood and creosoted poles Full-length heat treated bit guards against bending in heavy-duty applications and strengthens the twist where the greatest strain occurs Short length allows bit to be used in tight areas Wide…