Bow fishing

Experience the thrill of bow fishing and put your archery skills to the test. Discover tips, tricks, and equipment recommendations to make the most out of your bow fishing adventures.
Rough Company: Inside the World's Biggest Bowfishing Tournament | Outdoor Life

Photographs by Matt Nager “Shoot it!” Shanon Lanphar hollers as he spins the boat around, water slapping against the hull. “There it goes! C’mon! Shoot it!” Shanon’s son Briceson grabs his bow and scrambles to the side, scanning the waves. The teenager draws and releases. A miss. He reels hastily and nocks for a second shot when another arrow parts the water. His uncle, Travis Lanphar, reels in the target—a sodden map of Missouri’s Table Rock Lake. Moments earlier the wind had ripped the map…

Diana Arment