Box joints

Learn how to create strong and precise box joints for your woodworking projects. Discover tips and techniques to achieve perfect box joints every time.
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Create Simple, Strong, and Handsome Corners In the history of woodworking joinery, box joints (sometimes called finger joints) are a fairly recent arrival. That’s because before the circular saw blade, cabinetmakers didn’t think that the square-shouldered joint was worth the effort. They viewed box joints as harder to

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Home in on precise finger joints with this table saw sled. The box (or finger) joint is a remarkably strong, interlocking corner joint that can be quickly made on the table saw. The only catch is that you need a jig to help you hold and position your workpieces as you make the cuts. At its simplest, a box joint jig is

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How to Make Easy Box Joints - Finger Joints: Box joints are an easy yet effective joinery method! Box joints, or sometimes referred to as finger joints, can be cut with a regular table saw blade or with a dado stack of your preferred width. The ones featured in the video are cut at 1/4" wide …

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