Boy sleepover

Plan the perfect sleepover for your son and his friends with these fun and exciting ideas. From games and snacks to movie marathons, create an unforgettable night for the boys.
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Spiderman caught me at an incredibly weak moment…I’d been down and out in bed for several days with the flu when he asked if “the team” could sleep over. I did a quick calculation in my head and thought…12 guys Continue reading A sleepover with 18 boys…because they can…→

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Tons of fun and creative DIY boys sleepover or slumber party ideas for boys! From themes to games, activities and food, we hope you love these ideas! Posts on contain affiliate links. For full disclosure, click HERE 1. Create a gaming corner zone setup Why not set up a gaming tournament as part of your sleepover! You could decorate with balloons and print and stick on some cool gaming motifs, slogans or quotes, from their favourite gamers or Youtubers to set the…

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