Breast milk soap recipe

Discover how to make your own breast milk soap at home with this easy DIY recipe. Pamper your skin with the nourishing benefits of breast milk and create a personalized skincare routine.
breast milk soap recipe

Learning how to make breast milk soap is a way of incorporating the amazing benefits of breast milk into a long lasting skincare product.

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What To Do With Expired or Undrinkable Breast Milk ⭐ Before you throw out your undrinkable breast milk… That milk probably still has a multitude of soothing and healing properties. And is it actually unsafe for consumption? Often, mothers are instructed to pump and dump unnecessarily. Some of the most common instances are: After having anesthesia After having an MRI with contrast- more info HERE When taking certain medications- more info HERE When concerned about a food allergy/intolerance…

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Spread the love Well breastmilk is a powerful thing. I wasn’t able to breastfeed my first daughter over 8 years ago, so when I had my son I was determined to do whatever to do it that time around. I was young with my daughter and had zero support, nor any knowledge on it like I do now. I breastfed my son until my 3rd baby was born in October. Then I tandem nursed until around his 4th birthday. I never ever expected to go that long but I just let him wean himself. Well he did just that when…

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