Bride diet

Get ready for your big day with these healthy and effective bride diet plans. Achieve your dream wedding body and feel confident as you walk down the aisle.
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Source: The Cheesecake ProjectWhen your wedding day is only a few weeks away, you know you need to get into shape. But the stress of it all, and the responsibilities of being the bride can weigh down on you. Honestly, who's got time for the gym when you got a wedding to plan? Honestly, a month befor

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First, let me say that I don't believe in diets. But in its simplest form, a diet is just the basis of what you eat. So while I say diet to simplify things, I mean lifestyle. Diets are temporary and usually involve counting, restricting and guilt. I do not endorse diets in my practice or

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It's official, only six months until our wedding. Time to kick this bride's booty into gear! Consider this your real-girl guide to losing weight. Good food, great sweats and few genius ideas will leave you and I both feeling our hottest. Let's do this thing... Welcome to the Hey, EEP slim-down plan! Real talk: I'm not a fitness expert. But I know what needs to be done to tighten this bod and make myself feel fabulous and I'm sure these tips will help you too. I'd love to start out by saying…

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