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Discover the best ideas and activities to create a creative curriculum for preschool that focuses on building study skills. Help your little learners develop a strong foundation for future academic success.
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While the preschool days are filled with ABC's and 123's, it's important to teach your little learners critical thinking skills as well. What better way

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Our community theme is one of my favorites because there are so many fun things we can do. I could probably spend a month on this theme exploring lots of jobs, places and community helpers. Here were our plans for our community theme: And here are the details for each activity: Making Inferences: Madelynn loves […]

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When I taught preschool one of the most exciting themes for my students was our Construction & Buildings unit of study from Creative Curriculum. They just loved playing with blocks, pretending they were construction workers and using the toy tools. Construction & Buildings unit I'm sharing pictures from my archives of some of the activities

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We began this lesson by reading the book "Iggy Peck, Architect" by author Andrea Beaty and discussing what exactly an architect is and does. Then we looked at a Powerpoint I put together showing a variety of interestingly designed structures. As we view the images, the students and I discuss the interesting shapes and architectural details they see on the structures. Then I have the students go back to their desks and give each of them a large brown paper bag (they write their name on the…

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