Bunk beds for girls room with desk

Maximize space in your girls' room with creative and functional bunk beds that include desks. Find top ideas to create a stylish and organized study area for your little ones.
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Discover creative and functional loft bed ideas for teens. Whether you're dealing with a compact space or looking for ways to optimize your teen's room, our ideas encompass everything from study areas to chill-out zones. Read on to explore how loft beds can transform your teen's space into a multipurpose haven.

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To build a loft bed was a project I decided to tackle last summer. My kids needed more space in their room, and I figured loft beds would free up plenty of floor space for play. I started by looking up different designs online, trying to find something simple yet sturdy. After a bit of research, I settled on a plan that seemed easy to follow. The DIY project took a couple of weekends to complete, but the look on my children's faces when they saw their new beds made all the effort worth it…

Matt Schultz
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Some bedrooms can be so frustratingly small that all you can use them for is sleep. Children and teens, in particular, can then find it challenging to play, study, and enjoy their personal space when there’s little more floor space than they need for their beds. But that’s where a loft bed comes in. Like a bunk bed, a loft bed is elevated off the ground but has plenty of usable space underneath. Some loft beds even come with shelves, storage, drawers, a bookcase, and a built-in desk. Here…

Stephanie Barnes