Byzantine empire

Explore the rich history and culture of the Byzantine Empire, from its rise to its fall. Discover intriguing stories, remarkable achievements, and influential figures that shaped this powerful civilization.
10 Facts About the Byzantine Empire - Have Fun With History Byzantine Empire Map, Eastern Roman Empire, Roman Law, The Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Turks, Architectural History, Eastern Orthodox Church, Eastern Roman, Greek Language

10 Facts About the Byzantine Empire - Have Fun With History

The Byzantine Empire, also known as the Eastern Roman Empire, was a medieval state that existed from 330 AD to 1453 AD. It emerged as the continuation of the Roman Empire in the East, with its capital in Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul). The Byzantine Empire was characterized by a strong centralized government, Greek language and culture, ... Read more

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Byzantium becomes the Roman capital – Historical articles and illustrations

11 May marks the anniversary of the dedication in 330 AD of Byzantium as the capital of the Roman Empire. The city of Byzantium. Illustration by Roger Payne The history of the city is shrouded in legend, supposedly founded by Byzas after consulting the Oracle of Delphi in 667 BC, who called his new city […]

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