Camp songs

Enhance your camping trip with these catchy and fun camp songs. Sing along with friends and family around the campfire and create lasting memories.
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One of the highlights of our Young Women's Camp this year were our Camp Fire Sing-A-Long's. For the first time in FOREVER we were able to light an actual fire. In years past we have not been able to due to fire restrictions. We were so excited that it didn't even bother us that it was so HOT!!! I love our Camp Fire Sing-A-Long's because not only do we sing some of those silly camp songs, but we also allow the Young Women to highlight some of their talents. Each year at our Pre-Camp we have a…

Kay Allen
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Do you plan on going camping with your baby or toddler, but have no idea what you need? I got you covered! From the clothes you need for your baby to the toys your toddler would enjoy around the campsite, I'll let you know exactly what to pack + pictures of what I pack for my twin babies and toddler!

Kathy Reed
Camp songs from Camp Learned A Lot unit.  This is my students favorite song but there are many more in the unit. Camping Hacks, Pre K, Camping, Brownies, Camping Activities, Camp Songs, Daycare, Camping Theme, Summer Camp

Hello Everyone! Im on a roll this week. It has been filled with such fun activities that I cannot help but share with you all. Today was Nature Day! We took a walk outside and used our senses to check off some items from our lists. The kids loved walking outside and actually listening to different sounds. Their favorite activity though from the day was making S'MORES. I didn't tell them we were making them which was even better. We were writing in our camp journal and we were brainstorming…

Cindy Revuelto