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|Text from the student| “art, freedom & creativity will change society faster than politics " - Victor Pinchuk (philanthropist, art critic, art collector) If we see today’s world, where politics is contaminated, so now it’s time to rejuvenate our society by CREATIVITY… now the question arise: “what is CREATIVITY ??? !!!” Here, “Creativity is the...

Eman Wahid
Henning Larsen unveils a new campus center for the MCI in Austria | News | Archinect Library Architecture, Architecture, Building Lobby Design, Public Building, Office Building, Architect, Architecture Building, Building Design, Concept Architecture

Promising “a view of the Alps from every window,” Henning Larsen has unveiled new designs for a university building in Austria that will unite the diffuse Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) campus in a world-class learning environment, according to the architects. Promoted as a...