Car cat

Explore cute and creative ways to incorporate your love for cats into your car. Find top ideas to make your car a purrfect sanctuary for your feline friend.
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Cats are some of the cutest and most fascinating animals the world has ever known. And no matter how hard we try to satiate our desire for cat content, we just cat– Sorry, we just can’t get enough. We’ve covered the heartwarming transformations cats have gone through after being adopted into loving homes, memes we would tag our kitties in if their little paws could use Twitter, photos celebrating their adorable murder mittens, and pics that scream powerful meow energy.

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If you really want to stand out of the crowd, and show not only your financial status, but also your personality - what you need is something that cannot be found in any auto store. Something crazy, strange and absolutely unique. To give you some hints, we collected these 20 Weirdest and Most Unusual Cars Ever Made.

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