Cartomancy yes or no

Unlock the answers to your burning yes or no questions with the ancient art of cartomancy. Explore the fascinating world of playing card divination and find clarity in your decisions.
Over The Moon Oracle Cards: three rules for answering yes/no questions with playing cards Cards, Reading, Play, Yes, Cartomancy, Rules, Card Reading, Answers, Playing Cards

I have three rules that determine how I answer a yes/no question with playing cards. RULE 1: Red = yes and Black = no. A predominance of red cards = yes. A predominance of black cards = no. This method usually works well in a larger spread. Deck: Miss Demeanor playing cards (available in my PrinterStudio shop) RULE 2: The suit combination of the last two cards (in my 3 card spread) carry more weight. Not only is it important to consider the color of the cards but also the suit. Are two Clubs…