Casino costumes

Dress to impress at your next casino night with these creative costume ideas. Stand out from the crowd and have a memorable evening with friends.
Nailside: Katy Perry inspired nails Outfits, Costumes, Night Dress, Night Outfits, Robe, Vestidos, Moda, Las Vegas Outfit, Vegas Outfit

Hello everybody :) For today's post I have dice nails to show you. They're made for a reader who requested Katy Perry inspired nails. And the first thing that crossed my mind were her outfits of course! Katy has worn tons of awesome, funny, colorful outfits throughout the years, so plenty of stuff to get inspired by. One of my favorite dresses of her has to be the red sequin dice dress, I love all the glitter and the colors and it's so fabulous Las Vegas! Anyhow, what better polish to wear…

Laura Paniagua