Cat playground outdoor

Transform your outdoor space into a cat's paradise with a custom-built playground. Discover top ideas to keep your furry friend entertained and active in the great outdoors.
large wooden cat tree in a corner of a room made from natural wood branches. It has a kitty cabin cat house in the middle and a wooden cat bed at the top. All the plinths have luxury faux fur on them and the branches have some roped scratch post areas Ideas, Design, Wooden Cat Tree, Cat Tree House, Large Cat Tree, Luxury Cat Tree, Cat Friendly Home, Cat Enclosure, Cat Condo

and can't wait to see the photos promised, once they get it home and set up with their kitties enjoying it. (Although we would have loved to have kept this one for ourselves, as it fitted perfectly in our corner). #woodsidecattrees #bespokecattree #largecattree #cat #catfurniture #norwich #norfolk #suffolk #cattree #luxurycattree #homedecor #PetProducts

Woodside Cat Trees