Cattle farming

Learn the essential techniques for successful cattle farming to maximize your profits. Discover tips on breeding, feeding, and managing your herd for a thriving livestock business.
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Benefits of grazingCostThe highest cost in most, if not all, cattle production systems is feed. Many producers use grazing to reduce costs for their operations. Properly managed pasture-based systems use land efficiently and provide high production per acre.Marginal landNot all land can grow row crops. These pieces of land are usually described as marginal. Grazing is a way to grow a crop (grass) on land unsuitable for traditional row crops such as corn and beans. Cows can use the grass and…

Jeffrey Horky

When you're a city-kid, you don't think much about cows. But when a city-kid marries a farm kids, cows become important. Here are 27 facts about cows.