Chicken Tractors

Discover the benefits of using chicken tractors for your poultry farming. Find top ideas for portable and efficient designs to keep your chickens healthy and happy.
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Discover how to build a DIY chicken tractor that not only provides a safe haven for your poultry but also enriches your homesteading experience. Our guide on 30 free DIY chicken tractor plans offers easy building steps, ensuring you can craft a reliable space for your chickens. With the right strategy and tools, your homemade chicken tractor becomes an invaluable asset to your backyard farm. Crafting a DIY chicken tractor is more than just a weekend project; it's about building a sustainable…

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Are you curious about the journey behind our A-frame DIY chicken tractors? In this post I am going to share with you why we decided to design and build our own unique chicken tractor for our backyard hens. Lastly, I'll share with you how you can get your

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Building a DIY chicken tractor is a cost-effective solution for raising chickens and providing them with a moveable enclosure. Learn how to build a chicken tractor with these 25 free DIY chicken tractor plans and ideas to inspire you to make the best home for your chickens. Each DIY chicken tractor plan has complete instructions, making the building process easy and fun. You can find different types of free chicken tractor plans to suit your needs. Whether you want a mobile DIY A-frame…

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I didn't want a chicken tractor, buuuuuut. . . . Well, you see, it's like this: Mr. LB was grumbling and grumbling about runny store-bought eggs. Once upon a time I had chickens, but a mink got into the coop. Let's just say I really don't like mink. Gloves and stoles are justified. I wasn't going to have more chickens until I could build the fort clucks of chicken coops. So a couple weeks ago I came home with 4 wee little fluff balls that made cute little peeping noises. (as opposed to the…

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