Child gates for stairs

Ensure the safety of your child with our selection of stylish and reliable gates designed specifically for stairs. Discover top ideas to protect your little one and add a touch of elegance to your home.
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This is a follow up to a previous post, DIY Wood Farmhouse Baby Gates. This is just another version of the Wood Farmhouse Baby Gate!Level: Easy to make the gate, Intermediate to installTime: 60 minutes (longer with paint drying and installation time!)Materials: Wood, paint or stain, Liquid Nails or a nail gun, wheels/casters, door stoppers, locking mechanism, stud finderWhen I originally made my gates I knew I needed one for the bottom and top of our stairs. When I made the gate for the top…

Sharon Hari
DIY baby gate to work around a bottom step that sticks out, and no banister on the other side! Home, Home Décor, Ikea, Baby Gate For Stairs, Wood Baby Gate, Wooden Baby Gates, Diy Baby Gate, Banister Baby Gate, Child Gates For Stairs

Sometimes we start a project around here and I think “This is going to be a quick one… a baby gate? We can knock that out in a week.” Now I look back and think “oh Megan you fool.” I’d say realistically this is more of a 2 weekend project but of course if took us a month, mostly because painting