Chris Cornell

Explore the life and music of Chris Cornell, a true icon of rock and grunge. Discover his powerful vocals, thought-provoking lyrics, and unforgettable performances that continue to inspire fans around the world.
Energy Vampires-Conversation with Chris Cornell Pearl Jam, Rock Bands, People, Portrait, Seattle, Grunge, Chris Cornell, Chris, Men

K: Good morning, Chris.C: Good morning, Kim.K: Been a while for me.C: It hasn’t been that long.K: How are you?C: I’m good. (nods slowly thinking about it) I’m really good. I got a message from Paul that I needed to come in so here I am.K: We talked a bit this morning about what’s really been going on but it’s very synchronistic how that happened. I would say “divine intervention”. (finger quote)C: There always comes a point where the situation calls for it. There always comes a point where…


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