Christian garden ideas

Create a serene and uplifting outdoor space with these Christian garden ideas. Find inspiration to incorporate symbols of faith and create a peaceful sanctuary for reflection and prayer.
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By embracing Christian symbolism, followers of Christ could find solace in everyday experiences. Throughout the Bible, various kinds of flowers are referenced; their presence reminds us that faith is rooted even in something as beautiful

Tanya Grobbelaar
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Many positive things come from gardening. The most obvious joy is at harvest time when you get to reap the fruits of your labor and enjoy fresh vegetables that are far superior than what's available at the store. But you also get to enjoy the beauty of a flower, and the bees and butterflies that gardens attract. Gardening is hard work but physical exercise is important to having a healthy life and body, and many have attested to the power of fresh air for clearing your mind and lungs. Not to…

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