Cilantro salad with shallots and shrimp

Discover mouthwatering recipes for a refreshing cilantro salad with the perfect combination of shallots and shrimp. Try these flavorful dishes and elevate your salad game today.
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Some people think cilantro tastes like parsley dusted with Bar Keepers Friend; others love it so much they want to rub their snouts in it. I belong to the latter group. If a bunch of cilantro would hold up as a bouquet, I would have carried it at my wedding. I wish someone would market a cilantro tincture that I could dab behind my ears.I make this salad, which is about 75% cilantro, at the end of winter when I’m daydreaming of my summer herb garden, where I plant cilantro every spring—and…

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My mom and I were Nordstrom Cafe ‘regulars’ when I was young. The ‘Makers’ chocolate mint match sticks had mini me sold. That hasn’t changed but my newfound love for their Cilantro Lime Salad with Shrimp has. It is immaculate. If you stuck around for my 2022 salad series where I made 15 fun salads i

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