Cleaning grease

Learn how to easily remove grease from surfaces and keep your home looking clean and fresh. Discover the best cleaning methods and products to tackle tough grease stains.
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Of all the areas of our homes, the kitchen is by far the most dirt-prone area. This is due to the fact that food preparation and storage is done in the kitchen. If you have kids they will be in and out, opening and closing your kitchen cabinet doors. You also have the likes

Jo Ann Sangrey
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We’re knee-deep in casserole season here in the Midwest, which means you can find a glass baking dish soaking in just about every sink on the block. Soaking pans in warm water and dish soap helps loosen baked-on foods and grease, and makes for lighter work when it comes to scrubbing. But no matter how long you let it sit, there almost always seems to be a certain amount of grease splatter that just won’t budge.

Lori Yount